At Range Pharma, we are advancing animal health. At Range Pharma, we are advancing animal health.

About Us

Range Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers of animal health products. We are PIC/S GMP and ISO 9001 certified, manufacturing a wide-range of products. Our speciality lies in the formulation and quality of our products in harsh farm conditions, in particular, our injections, water solubles, and feed additives. We have products in over 15 countries with a strong presence in Asia and the Middle East.

Building over 30 years of experience, we deliver quality medicines, supplements and disinfectants. We strive to always create world-class products through working with our partners. We are working every day to better understand farm conditions across the world to create new and improved products.

Mission & Vision

Our name, Range Pharma, stems from our vision of having the widest range of quality products available to the market. It shows our company’s dedication to supporting the ever-growing livestock and animal health industry.

Putting Our Customers First

We strive to support and put our customers first. Our partners are always working towards building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

These relationships are supported by our product specialists who provide in-depth technical expertise. By having a strong on-ground presence in each country, Range Pharma is able to improve the health of livestock across the globe.

Why We Do It

In advancing animal health, we understand the need for better quality products. Quality means so much to us. From high efficacy products, to highly soluble liquids and powders, to innovative and effective non-antibiotic alternatives. This ensures a proper treatment and prevention regiment for our customers’ animals. By maintaining the health and lives of animals all around, we enrich the lives of people everywhere we go.

Our Core Capabilities

  • High-quality manufacturing.
  • Constant product innovation.
  • Close customer relationships.

Where We're Going

As we grow and expand, so does our product line. We will constantly deliver high-quality veterinary products to the global market and increase the number of our products and its quality to suit the needs of the world.