Production Facility (Malaysia)


Sungai Buloh Industrial Park, Selangor, Malaysia.


2.3 acres (100,000 sqft).
70 people on site.



ISO 9001

Meat Free Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Our 100,000sqft production plant boasts sterile and non-sterile PIC/S GMP certification since 2002. We have heavily invested in state of the art machinery sourced from countries across the globe to attain the best equipment in the market.


Every piece of equipment is sourced from all over the globe, from Germany to India.

Machines are always kept in tip-top condition through constant maintenance and upgrades to ensure efficient and high quality production.

PIC/S GMP Certification

Range Pharma is the only veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Malaysia awarded with EU / PICS GMP certification for sterile products, which reflects the highest product standards available in the market.

Our Quality Management Systems have also been ISO 9001:2015 certified for the development and manufacture of veterinary pharmaceutical products.

Research & Development

We understand the needs of our core customers in their varying livestock-related businesses and have the expertise to formulate effective solutions.

We have also taken into consideration the volatile climate differences that are of significance and have developed new innovative veterinary solutions that are customised to those various climate factors.

Our products are stable in hot and/or tropical climates and are suitably tailored to strengthen stability and effectiveness to withstand challenging farm water conditions.

Product Properties:

Long Acting

A wide range of injectable solutions and suspensions for subcutaneous, intramuscular administration.

Tolerance to Harsh Conditions

Water-soluble liquids/powdersand granules that are stable in challenging farm water conditions.

Fast Dissolving

Instantly soluble powders and granules, effervescent formulations.

Enhanced Flow & Stability

Feed additives are formulated for feedmills to be fast flowing.

Cost Efficient

Best value for the farm/feedmill.