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Product Type Water soluble
Content Apramycin 500mg / g
Packing 100g, 500g, 25kg



Treatment of bacterial enteritis associated with organisms susceptible to apramycin in pigs, colibacillosis and salmonellosis in calves and E. coli septicaemia in young chickens.


Pigs: 7.5mg to 12.5mg of apramycin / kg body weight daily for 7 days. This may be achieved by adding 2g of Aprasure 50% in 20L of water.

Calves: 2g to 4g Aprasure 50% / 50kg body weight daily for 5 days in drinking water, milk or milk replacer.

Chickens: 0.5g to 1g Aprasure 50% / litre for 5 days in drinking water.

Pack Size: 500g