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Product Type Injection
Content Azaperone 40mg/ml
Packing 100ml

Azanil 40mg/ml


Azaperone, the active ingredient of Azanil (azaperone) injection, is a sedative-tranquilizer of the butyrophenone series, a major class of tranquilizers. Chemically, it is 4’-fluoro-4-(4- (2 pyridyl)-1-piperazinylbutyrophenone.

Azanil (azaperone) injection is a potent sedative-tranquilizer which produces a predictable and consistent response in pigs. The drug is fast-acting; the onset of action is approximately 5-10 minutes after intramuscular injection. After injection, the pigs should be left undisturbed in a quiet environment for about 20 minutes. The peak effect is reached in approximately 15 minutes in young animals and 30 minutes in mature animals and generally lasts for one to six hours. The animal remains conscious but is quiet and indifferent to the environment.


Azanil (azaperone) injection is indicated for the prevention of aggressiveness when mixing or regrouping pigs. The drug is recommended for use when pigs from different litters or pens are brought together, since they often fight in an attempt to establish a social order. Following a single dose of Azanil, pigs may be mixed; fighting is eliminated or greatly reduced.


The recommended dose of azaperone for the pig is 2.2 mg/kg (1 mg/lb) of body weight. One mL of Azanil (azaperone) injection will treat 18.2 kg (40 lbs) of body weight. Inject Azanil intramuscularly just behind the ear (into the muscle above the wing of the atlas) or into the rump (semitendinosus and semimembranosus muscle). The hypodermic needle should be sufficiently long (1 to 2”) and held perpendicular to the surface of the skin to insure intramuscular deposition of Azanil.