Suitable for
Product Type Disinfectant
Content Iodine 30mg, phosphoric acid and alcohol / ml
Packing 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres



General elimination of disease-causing organisms by application to building and equipment.

For the routine disinfection of premises and equipment to control pathogens causing enteritis, septicemia and respiratory diseases in farm animals.


To be diluted with water.

For cleaning and disinfection of livestock houses and equipment, 1:500 (200ml to 100L).

For disinfection against foot and mouth disease virus, 1:250 (400ml to 100L).

For fogging and spraying poultry houses and equipment against NCD, CRD and infectious coryza, 1:350 (300ml to 100L)

For foot baths and vehicle dips, 1:180 (550ml to 100L)